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Bridging the Gap foundation is an the only organization created to educate, empower and assist women with their COMPLETE aesthetic recovery after breast cancer.

So often during breast cancer surgery not only is breast tissue removed but also a woman’s nipple and areola.

Thanks to the amazing and caring pysicians that educate their patient on the final phase of nipple/areola repigmentation now known as Breasthetics, not only are women surviving and thriving after breast cancer but they are also feeling whole, sexy and beautiful.

There is not nearly enough information available through the process educating these women on their aesthetic choices. Most are unaware that they even have choices in their aesthetic recovery. Most are unaware of the Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act passed in 1998 guaranteeing every womens right to complete breast reconstruction post mastectomy. Most are unaware that, even when they choose complete reconstruction and insurance companies deny their claim to these rights, they can appeal these unjust denials and be reimbursed for the services that their insurance companies claim to provide.

Bridging the Gap Foundation is dedicated to helping women unravel the red tape surrounding the pink ribbon.